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Summer Conference

Since 2007, Haystack has organized a summer conference to look at craft in a broader context.

Looking Back:

JULY 7–11, 2019

Craft and Legacy:
Writing a History, Preserving a Field

The 2019 Haystack Summer Conference was presented in collaboration with the Center for Craft, and designed to address some of the most vital questions facing the preservation and legacy of the field of American Craft, through a series of dynamic lectures, panel discussions, and group conversations. Building on the Center for Craft’s 2014 Craft Think Tank findings on the legacy of the American Studio Craft movement, this conference was organized from three related perspectives of artists, collectors, and museums/cultural institutions, and brought together twenty one speakers to serve as models for developing best practices in addressing larger questions of legacy and fostering an expanded resource network for colleagues from across the country.

As a central outreach component of this conference, Haystack provided twenty-one full scholarships to attract the next generation of leadership and to encourage participation by people of color and others who have been historically underrepresented in the field.

Major support for the 2019 conference was provided by the Windgate Foundation. 

Presented in collaboration with the    Center for Craft   .

Presented in collaboration with the Center for Craft.



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Craft and Legacy: Writing a history, preserving a field


Elisabeth Agro
Rachael Arauz
Nora Atkinson
Marisa Bartolucci
Squeak Carnwath
Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko
Cornelia Carey
Sarah Carter
Lee Eagle
Leslie Ferrin
Jim Grace
Diana Greenwold
Douglas Heller
Katya Heller

Elizabeth Hulings
Garth Johnson
Priya Khanchandani
Mark Leach
Kathleen Mangan
Daniel Minter
Stephanie Moore
Meaghan Roddy
Mary Savig
Rebecca Sive
Cindi Strauss
Folayemi Wilson
Marilyn Zapf



Sustainability: Impulses, Models, and Practices

Abby Barrows
Meredith Brickell
Sara Clugage
Susie Ganch
Pascale Gatzen
Pam Longobardi
Pashon Murray
Dr. Darren J. Ranco
Nanda Soderberg


The Thing That Makes the Thing

Ayumi Horie
Sarah K. Khan
Carole Frances Lung
Dr. Amon Millner
Sheila Pepe
Shannon Stratton
Allan Wexler
Neil Gershenfeld


Craft Thinking: Ideas on Making, Materials, and Creative Process

Tanya Aguiñiga
Nora Atkinson
Dan Beachy-Quick
Daniel Johnston
Faythe Levine
Michael O’Malley
Ronald Rael
Jenni Sorkin 


Craft Thinking: Ideas on Making, Materials, and Creative Process

Glenn Adamson
Laura Brown
Rick Brown
Andrea Dezsö
Saul Griffith
Diana Guerrero-Maciá
Tim Ingold
Michael J. Strand
Susan S. Szenasy
Amit Zoran



Craft Thinking: Ideas on Making, Materials, and Creative Process

Nancy Blum
Marianne Boruch
Ole Jensen
Maira Kalman
Rowland Ricketts
Ezra Shales
Joshua G. Stein
Skylar Tibbits
Namita Wiggers   


Crossover: Inderdisciplinary and Collaborative Work

Alison Chase
Matthew Crawford
Erik Demaine
Martin Demaine
Molly Hatch
Peter Houk
Laura Hosaluk
Michael Hosaluk
Nathalie Miebach
Brian Rotman                                                
Pradeep Sharma
Lily Yeh 


Risk, Learning, and Creativity

Christina Bertoni
John Bielenberg
Judith Burton
Meredith Hall
Liz Lerman
Sugata Mitra
Arturo O’Farrill
Judith Schaechter
Jacob Tonski


Shaping the World and
the World Shaping Us

Siemon Allen
Kendall Buster
Robert Campbell
James Carpenter
Niels Diffrient
Del Harrow
Robert Krulwich
Jack Lenor Larsen
Ellen Lupton
Roseanne Somerson



The Hand

Jeanne Jaffe
Tom Joyce
Michael Moore
Jeanne Quinn
Roberta Smith
Polly Ulrich
Anne Wilson
Frank Wilson


Making: Past, Present, and Future

Sonya Clark
Neil Gershenfeld
Sabrina Gschwandtner
Lydia Matthews
Walter McConnell
David Revere McFadden
Stephen Nachmanovitch
Joe Wood


The Language of Craft

Paulus Behrenson
Akiko Busch
Charles Garoian
Janet Koplos
John McQueen
Margo Mensing
Warren Seelig
Kim Stafford


The Object and Making: Function and Meaning

Ellen Dissanayake
Ron Forbes
Lissa Hunter
Lewis Hyde
Barry Katz
Chris Rose
Chris Staley