Endowed Scholarships & Fellowships

Haystack awards approximately 25% of all summer workshop attendees with scholarships and fellowships. Providing support to students has tremendous impact, and we are very proud of the named funds that have been created at Haystack. A number of donors have taken steps to endow individual scholarships and fellowships that we are able to allocate on an annual basis in keeping with the intentions and directives of each fund. A named scholarship can be created with a gift of $30,000 and provides tuition, room & board for a two-week workshop. A fellowship can be created with a gift of $40,000 and includes the addition of a travel stipend to offset the expense of travel to and from Deer Isle. Haystack is also able to work with donors to establish Current Year Scholarships, which are awarded annually. Visit the Support page to learn more.

Haystack is firmly committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. This will remain one of our most critical goals, ensuring the school supports all students, with no bias in regard to age, color, disability, gender identification, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, or veteran status.

As an artistic community we believe in celebrating divergent points of view. One of the most powerful tools we have in supporting this mission is our scholarship program, which provides assistance to more than 130 students annually from as near as Deer Isle to as far away as Palestine, Finland, and Thailand. The scholarship program is supported through annual fund contributions, end of session auctions, the summer gala, grants, and our scholarship endowment.



Arizona State University Fellowship
Established by Joanne and James Rapp
(Awarded by Arizona State University)

Edward Larrabee Barnes Architectural Fellowship

Harris Barron Fellowship
Established by Ros Barron
(Awarded by Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MassArt Alumni Relations) 

Mary Blakley Fellowship

The Brown University Fellowship
Established by Joan and Pablo Sorensen
(Awarded by Brown University)

David Cheever Fellowship
(Awarded to an architecture student)

William F. Daley Fellowship
(Awarded by the University of the Arts)

Pat Doran Fellowship
(Awarded by Massachusetts College of Art & Design)

Cait Giunta Fellowship

Grignol-Rapp Fellowship

Established by Joanne and James Rapp
(Awarded by Edinboro University)

Howard Kestenbaum and Vijay Paramsothy International Fellowship
(Awarded to two international students)

Roberto Lugo Minority Fellowship

Richard Allen Merritt Fellowship
(Awarded to a student from Japan)

Mad Crow Fellowship

Marcianne Mapel Miller Fellowship
(Awarded by Alfred University)

Marlin Miller International Fellowship
(Coordinated with the Luys Foundation, Armenia)

Quimby Family Fund Fellowship
(Awarded by Maine Art Education Association)

Rhode Island School of Design Fellowship
(Awarded by Rhode Island School of Design)

San Diego State University Fellowship
Established by Arline Fisch
(Awarded by San Diego State University)

Alan Gordon Sanford Fellowship
(Awarded by The Waring School)

Southwest School of Art Fellowship
Established in honor of Paula Owen by Johnny Clay Johnson
(Awarded by Southwest School of Art)

Stewart W. Thomson Cranbrook Academy of Arts Fellowship
(Awarded by Cranbrook)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Fellowship
(Awarded by University of Wisconsin-Madison)

William Wyman Fellowship
(Awarded by Massachusetts College of Art & Design)



Naomi I. Becker Scholarship

Andrew and Martha Bergman Scholarship

Bingham Scholarship Fund for Maine Students

Mary Beasom Bishop and Francis Sumner Merritt Scholarship

Bill Brown Scholarship

Judith Burton Scholarship

Steven Byrne Scholarship

Catto Family Scholarship

Kate Cheney Chappell Scholarship

Thomas Chappell Scholarship

Elizabeth F. Cheney Scholarship

Ethel Skeans Clifford Scholarship

David Ferranti Scholarship

Jane Weiss Garrett Scholarship

Golden Rule Scholarship

Gary “Griff” Griffith Scholarship

Candy Haskell Scholarship

Harriet Hemenway Scholarship

Priscilla Henderson Scholarship

Richard and Mary Howe Scholarship

Mary Alice Huemoeller Scholarship

Stuart Kestenbaum Scholarship

Jody Klein Scholarship

Nanette Laitman Scholarship

Jack Lenor Larsen Scholarship

Michael Lax Scholarship

Dave and Jean Lincoln Scholarship*

Jean and Dave Lincoln Scholarship

Ingrid Menken Scholarship

Priscilla Merritt Scholarship

William H. Muir Scholarship

Samuel Newbury Scholarship

Mary Nyburg Scholarship

Betty Oliver Scholarship

Ronald Hayes Pearson Scholarship
(Awarded to two students)

Peninsula Area Scholarship

Parker Poe Scholarship

Elena Prentice Scholarship
(Awarded to six students of color)

Francis William Rawle Scholarship

Barbara Rockefeller Scholarship

Samuel and Eleanor Rosenfeld Scholarship in Fiber

Samuel and Eleanor Rosenfeld Scholarship in Wood

Lois Rosenthal Scholarship

Florence Samuels Scholarship

Kay Sekimachi Scholarship

Heikki Seppa Scholarship

Margaret (Peggy) Swart Sewall Scholarship

Irving B. Sherman Island Scholarship

Bunzy Sherman Scholarship

Mathias Lloyd Spiegel Scholarship

Carolyn J. Springborn Scholarship in Fiber

Carolyn J. Springborn Scholarship in Graphics

Carolyn J. Springborn Scholarship in Wood

Lenore Thomas Straus Scholarship

Lenore G. Tawney Scholarship

Taylor-Zwickey Scholarship

Molly Upton Scholarship

George VanOstrand Scholarship

Beverly Warner Scholarship

Frans Wildenhain Scholarship

J. Fred Woell Scholarship