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Running April through October, Haystack’s 2021 online programming will feature 70 presentations across 10 program threads led by an innovative group of artists, designers, writers, curators, and historians. Through our commitment to increasing access to the School, each of these online programs will be presented as free and open to the public.

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Overview of Programs



Artist talks come directly from the way we present faculty lectures on campus. The format will feature three artists each evening, showing images and providing a window into their creative process and the ideas behind their work.

Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez
Vivian Beer
Lenka Clayton
Sara Clugage
Liz Collins
Annet Couwenberg
Tanya Crane
Chandra DeBuse
Lauren Fensterstock
Erin Furimsky
Matthew Hebert
Beth Ireland
Phillip Andrew Lewis
Kathleen Kennedy
Matt Mitros
Nash Quinn
Ellie Richards
LJ Roberts
Hope Rovelto
Marissa Saneholtz
David Schnuckel
Keith Simpson
Demitra Thomloudis


Demonstrations take you into the studios of working artists, through live feeds from across the country. Get a glimpse into the materials, techniques and processes they use to create their work and the ideas that drive these innovative makers.

Cynthia Alberto
Thomas Campbell
Deborah Czeresko
Chandra DeBuse
Mi-Sook Hur
Mike Lagg
Radha Pandey
George Sawyer
Paula Wilson
Joe Wood


Craft History & Theory is happening all around us. This series takes a careful look at the ways we make history and develop ideas, through the work of innovative writers, curators, historians, and artists. Join us for a deep dive into a broad range of topics that will expand how you think about - and (re)define- the field of craft.

Glenn Adamson
M. Rachael Arauz
Myron M. Beasley
Sonya Clark
Sara Clugage
Andres Payan Estrada
Denise Markonish
Tiffany Momon
Jovencio de la Paz
Jenni Sorkin


The Craft of Critique features panel discussions with educators focused on the purpose of critiques and how the process can help with inventing new models for exploring ideas.

Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez
Namita Gupta Wiggers
Matthew Hinçman
Katie Hudnall
Billie Lee
Judith Leemann
Roberto Lugo
Ian McDonald
Jeremy Scidmore
Rosanne Somerson
Chris Staley
Demitra Thomloudis


Mentorship and Collaboration will take place over a period of six meetings, and focus on developing ideas and imagining new models for how we do our work as artists. These groups will be limited to groups of 20 people and allow for communities to form and deep connections to me made around your work.

Lenka Clayton
Lauren Fensterstock
Phillip Andrew Lewis
SIOSI Design
Caroline Woolard


Panel discussions come directly from experience of being with people on the Haystack campus, and the types of conversations that unfold when people from various backgrounds are in casual discussion with one another.

M. Rachael Arauz
Tanya Crane
Matthew Hinçman
Ayumi Horie
Lissa Hunter
Erin Hutton
Sarah Khurshid Khan
Jane Lackey
Linda Nguyen Lopez
Martha McDonald
Kristin Mitsu Shiga
Valpuri Remling
Sylvie Rosenthal
Marissa Saneholtz
Claire Sanford
Matthew Shlian
Chris Staley
Ellen Wieske


Conversations bring together interesting  groups of people for discussions on a wide range of subjects. A series of invited presenters each selected three other people they wanted to talk with, and of course we welcome you to join in these conversations by contributing your own questions.

Liz Collins
Fabio J. Fernández
Wendy Jacob
Kathleen Kennedy
Sarah Khurshid Khan
Christy Matson
Márçia Minter
Folayemi Wilson


Professional Practices is designed to provide practical advice and skills to help artists thrive. From grant writing and studio safety, to artists statements and more, professional artists and service providers share tips to help build resiliency. Bring your questions and join the conversation.

Ginger Aldrich
Salvador Jiménez-Flores
Lauren Kalman
Norman Teague


Craft and Technology include tours of international Fab Labs, presentations by innovative thinkers, and conversations about the ways technology is helping us think about craft in new ways.

Edwige Charlot
Lily Gabaree
Saul Griffith
Jonathan Grinham
Sean Hickey
Taylor Levy
Amon Millner
Nadya Peek
James Rutter
Rachael Vroman
Che-Wei Wang
Sophia Zelov


Writing workshops will take place over a period of three meetings, and focus on exploring the written word from a variety of perspectives - from poetry and narrative to expanded ways of writing about craft.

melissa christine goodrum
Stuart Kestenbaum
Helen Lee
Anna Moschovakis
Bill Roorbach
David Schnuckel
Matthew Shenoda