Haystack’s Fab Lab was established in 2011 and has quickly become an integral part of our mission to think broadly about the field of craft.

Two people discussing a design on a computer in the Haystack Fab Lab

Fab Labs, an educational outreach component of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, are an international network of over 2,000 small-scale digital fabrication facilities that spans 100 countries and 24 time zones. Fab Labs provide connection to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers, and innovators. In 2016, the Haystack Fab Lab was recognized with the Distinguished Educators Award from the James Renwick Alliance, the first ever given to a program for pioneering contributions to craft education.

The Fab Lab complements our existing programs and is available to all students. No prior experience is required and a dedicated, one-time fee will be charged to participants using the Haystack Fab Lab. Each session Haystack also invites two people to serve as Fab Lab residents, by partnering with MIT, Harvard Graduate School of Design, University of  Virginia, RISD, AS220, and other Fab Labs around the world. These residents provide unique perspectives in the areas of digital design, fabrication, and craft to workshop participants and faculty at the school. The culture found in the Haystack Fab Lab is one of experimentation, risk taking, and collaboration. 

For additional information about the Haystack Fab Lab, including machine specifications and capabilities, please contact

Students working in Haystack’s Fab Lab

Fab Lab Residents

Fab Lab Residents are experts in their respective fields and come to Haystack from partnering labs across the country and internationally. Invited to work for the school each session throughout the summer programming season, Fab Lab Residents provide one-on-one consultation, small group tutorials, and demonstrations, while modeling advanced workflows and processes related to their own work.

Community Initiatives

“Haystack has opened a twenty-first century door for our Island community…The possibilities for inspiration, learning and design are infinite. Growth of the fab lab program and training expands the opportunities for our children exponentially.”

Artist on the computer designing vases using 3D program

During the winter months, the Haystack Fab Lab serves as a vital resource for community-based education, outreach, and digital fabrication training. We have been building capacity to expand our work within the local school system on Deer Isle and around the broader Blue Hill Peninsula, by integrating digital technology and design proficiency into area classrooms. We are pleased to announce that this season will also mark the third year of a paid internship program for area high school students. Fab Lab Interns have been trained in digital design and fabrication tools, allowing them to provide technical support to workshop participants while also gaining invaluable experience from Fab Lab residents.

Haystack’s Fab Lab programs are being supported over the three years (2018, 2019, and 2021) by the Windgate Foundation. This multi-year funding allows Haystack to expand upon the school’s current fab lab programming for Deer Isle-Stonington community and on the Blue Hill Peninsula, and to establish a sustainable and long-term vision for this community-based program. In addition to support from the Windgate Foundation, funding for the 2018 and 2019 Fab Lab Intern program was provided in part from individual donors, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, the Island Education Foundation of the Maine Community Foundation, and a donor advised fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

Fab lab man using CNC Machine

COVID-19 PPE Project

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) in our community, the Haystack Fab Lab is helped to produce and deliver supplies in Hancock County and the surrounding area. Visit the dedicated web page for more information on this initiative.



Bantam Precision CNC Milling Machine
Brother SE 1800 Digital Sewing Machine
Epilog Legend 24TaT 35 Watt Laser Cutter
Epson ET-2550 Printer/Scanner
Formlabs Form 2 SLA Resin Printer
Heat Press
HP Design Jet 111 Large Format Printer - 24"
iMac Workstations
Prusa i3 MK 3 Filament Printer
Roland GX - 24 Vinyl Cutter
Sindoh 3D Wox Filament Printer
Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router
Shopbot Desktop 18" x 24" CNC Router
Shopbot Handibot Portable CNC Router
Shopbot PRS Alpha 4' x 8' CNC Router
Universal VLS 350 50 Watt Laser Cutter
Xbox 360 Kinect Handheld Scanner
3D Systems Sense Digitizer Handheld Scanner
Electronics Bench with Soldering Equipment,
Oscilloscope, Power Supply, and a Full
Range of Components
Smooth-On Molding and Casting Materials
Super Sap Resins


Adobe Creative Suite 
Fusion 360


Haystack is a proud member of the Fab Lab Network, a global creative community located in more than 100 countries with nearly 2,000 Fab Labs across the globe.

In partnership with The Center for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.