Art Schools Collaborative


The Art Schools Collaborative is a four-day gathering of seventy-five students from approximately ten art schools along the eastern seaboard and Canada. Designed for students to investigate the most current ideas surrounding contemporary craft and visual culture, students actively engage with peers from diverse backgrounds and educational institutions.

Creative leaders from diverse backgrounds present lectures , round table discussions and facilitated studio workshops that are collaborative in nature and designed to promote critical thinking and experimentation. Students and faculty all present talks on their work and build an expanded peer network with one another.

Participating schools have included: Massachusetts College of Art, SUNY New Paltz, Rhode Island School of Design, School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, Teachers College Columbia University, University of the Arts, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, The Maine College of Art, and the Tyler School of Art.

Selected Past Presenters:

Thank you for doing this. And thank you for allowing me to feel visible and validated as a nonbinary craftsperson. This is an incredibly special and magical place. I have never felt so present and alive.

Cynthia Alberto

Mike Andrews

Elissa Auther

Boris Bally

Nancy Blum

Sara Clugage

Henry Crissman

Amy Stacey Curtis

Jim Drain

Rachel David

Lauren Fensterstock

Fabio Fernández

Meredith Hall

Anna Hepler

Erin Hutton

Wendy Jacob

Sharron Louden

Roberto Lugo

Maria Moltini

Sheetal Prajapati

PJ Gubatina Policarpio

Sylvie Rosenthal

Piper Shepard

Aaron Stephan